Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Not Expecting Starbucks To Market This Flavor In The Forseeable Future

Hubs is out of town. So yesterday evening, I parked myself in his usual spot on the sofa, propped up my feet, and was enjoying having control of the TV remote. I had just made a cup of coffee and it was sitting on the end table, by the sofa. After setting the TV to a channel I would enjoy, I turned to pick up my coffee. Tallen was standing by the end table, smiling at me. This alone, made me a tad paranoid. I noticed the contents of my cup sloshing back and forth a little, like maybe the cup had just been sat down.

"Tallen?", I asked. " Did you pour something into my coffee?"

"No.", He replied calmly, still smiling. "Your coffee tastes fine, I didn't pour anything in there."

Thinking that perhaps he had merely bumped into the table, causing the ripples I had seen, I picked up my cup and proceeded to take a few sips. That's when Tallen whips his hands from behind his back. One contains a towel, the other contains his little wind-up Thomas the Tank Engine. The same Thomas the Tank Engine that I have found in the floor many times, that I am positive I have seen in the dogs mouth, that Tallen loves "driving" through the dirt, that, as I recall, I even had to rescue from the toilet once. That one!

I was still trying to decode the reasons for the items in his hands, when he proudly announced,
"I didn't pour anything into your coffee, Mama. But I did wash my train and now he is all sparkly clean! I just need to finish drying him off."

"Washed? Tallen, did you put that toy into my coffee?"

"Yes, Mama. He needed a hot bath."


anjo só said...

essas crianças ! café com tempero ! kkkkk !

Lolli said...

Oh, that is hilarious! One of the best stories I've heard in a long time!

glenna said...

Love it! Thanks for giving me the first smile of my Tuesday morning!