Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Your Eyes

I have hesitated to ever mention this to anyone but friends and family. I'm not sure why. Maybe afraid that others would think I was crazy or seeing something that just isn't there. But the fact is, it is there. I see it quite frequently and now I feel compelled to ask others if they have noticed it as well.

The "it" I speak of is the very defined, beautiful, almost as if they were drawn on, eyebrows of children with Asperger's. I have also noticed this feature in children that are said to have High Functioning Autism. It is also apparant in adults with Asperger's but sometimes, I guess because of age or grooming, it isn't there. This may be something, this may be nothing. But it is definitely there. Have any of you noticed this feature? At this point, I dare say that I could almost pick a child with Asperger's from a lineup, just by looking at his brows.

At first I thought that this was just a coincidence, but I see it more and more. A child with Down's Syndrome has very distinct features i.e. almond shaped eyes. What if children with Asperger's also have a telling feature? Maybe this could lead to earlier diagnosis... I dunno. Just a thought.

Rise and Shine!

I was awakened this morning by what sounded like a herd of wildebeests stomping through my home. Mind you, this was at 4:00 A.M. The sound is coming from the kitchen STOMP STOMP STOMP. I swear, the window glasses were rattling! I find Tallen, with much glee, jumping and stomping as hard as he could go. "Tallen!" I said, "You have to stop that, everyone else is trying to sleep.!" Without stopping, he breathlessly replied, "I can't help it Mom. I hear Irish Music. Lots and lots of Irish music!" There was no music playing. But anyway, how precious is that? That got him the very stern punishment of a hug and a kiss on the forehead....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am really struggling with something, as of late...

I would love to begin attending a real church with my family. I know that when even 2 people come together and discuss the Lord, that should be considered gathering in worship. But, I would love for the kids to attend Sunday school. I would love to sing in the choir. I would just love the feeling of having a church "family". But, because of Tallen, I am afraid to go.

I have the normal worries of him maybe disrupting the service, especially when there is singing etc..., as that is an assualt on his ears. But that isn't even my biggest worry, I stopped giving much regard to what people think ages ago. My worry is that it will scare Tallen. He takes everything so literally. I remember being about four years old and a guest preacher at our church put on a real "Hell fire and brim stone" sermon, screaming to the congregation that Jesus was coming to take us all home. I had nightmares for weeks because the last thing I wanted was for anyone to come take me away from my home.

I know that Tallen will internalize everything that he hears at church and will probably be scared silly. Like when someone told him he sure was growing up and he stressed for weeks, thinking he was growing too big for the house etc... I just don't know what to do...